Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, 1945 VJ Day

Today is the 65th anniversary of V-J Day, the day that the surrender of Japan in WWII was announced. As a result of the news coverage, I was looking at the famous photo taken on that day by Alfred Eisenstadt. I had looked at this photo many times, but always assumed he was facing south. But this time, I realized he was facing north and the building in the background is 1600 Broadway, the home of Sadowsky Guitars from 1986 to 2002! We had the southwest corner on the 10th floor and I drew an arrow to indicate where the shop was.

From Sadowsky Guitars


  1. They just erected a giant statue of this memorable kiss in Times Square.

  2. Who knew the House of Sadowsky was featured in such an iconic photo? :-)

    I recall the shop well as I look at the bass guitar I ordered there.