Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am extremely thrilled and also very humbled at winning the Late Night Trifecta!  The new Conan show began last night, Nov 8th, with Conan alum Mike Merritt, as the bassist with the Jimmy Vivino Basic Cable Band (love that name!).  Mike can be seen playing his new Sadowsky Vintage style 4-24 with PJ pickups.

In this age of paid product placement and endorsements, I am extremely honored that these three top professional bassists: Will Lee (Letterman),  Rickey Minor (Leno) and Mike Merritt (O'Brien) have all chosen to play a Sadowsky bass.  We are a very small company (10 including me) and all of us are just so incredibly proud!


  1. Will asked me to post the following on 11/10:

    "Last night on Letterman Hugh McDonald was playing his Sadowsky 5 with Bon Jovi as well, so we were both wielding ours! Those who know, know that they're the best!! Will Lee"

  2. Congratulations Roger! How cool is that? It couldn't happen to a better guy, or more deserving product.
    John Page

  3. I play your basses sometimes VERY late at night. Does that count? Way to go all 10 of you!!!!

  4. Nice, very nice! Congratulations.

  5. When I saw Conan's first show, that's the first thing I noticed, another Sadowsky on TV ! As far as I'm concerned, it's been my personal late night bass since November 1994!

  6. I will agree, the Sadowsky bass cuts through the mix and sounds great even on my TV at low late-night volume. Now THAT'S and accomplishment.

    Now if we can only get the show's directors to hang on Will, Rickey & Mike a little longer!

  7. Congrats to you and your staff, Roger! If late-night musicians are playing Sadowsky's then there is no topping that. They are among the most musically educated people in the world.

    I love my UV70. It's like a 5 string piano!