Thursday, July 8, 2010

Greg Lake's new bass!

We just completed a beautiful new bass for Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Greg had purchased a standard 4 string of mine in the early 90's but we never got to know each other he ended up not keeping the bass. As he began his new 2010 tour with Keith Emerson, Greg called up and ordered an Ultra Vintage 4 string. He is a wonderful, personable man. We just completed the bass and will be shipping it soon to London, where Greg is rehearsing with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer for an ELP reunion at the High Voltage Festival on July 25, 2010.

Follow up 7/13/10
Just received this email from Greg:

Dear Roger,

I have just taken delivery of my Sadowsky Gold J Bass guitar.

What a sensational piece of work it is! Just like any top class vintage instrument, it is immediately warm to the touch and light in the hands, but then as you look more closely you slowly begin to notice all the remarkable details embodied in the construction and in the meticulous way it is finished.

The low end resonance is striking and totally gratifying and the electronics and tone controls are flawless. It seems to me that in many ways this guitar surpasses some of the best vintage bass guitars ever made. The Sadowsky has undeniably redefined the paradigm for quality and has reached a completely new level of excellence in bass guitar construction.

Many thanks also to all your wonderful team, especially Kevin who took such trouble to make sure that this guitar fulfilled my dream.

Best Wishes,

Greg Lake.


  1. Great news Roger! We'll all get to see and hear it on the DVD they are supposed to record for that show

  2. I LOVE this bass,Please keep making great music Greg, your work WILL stand the test of time.

  3. Greg opens his current concert tour playing Karn Evil 9 on this very bass. I gotta tell ya, that bass sounds unbelievable. If you get a chance to see him this spring during his "Songs of a Lifetime" tour, definitely do so. You will be even more proud of your work when you hear it in action. :)