Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Metro Customer

Received this letter the other day from Douglas in Boston:

Today completes 7 days since I received my Sadowsky MV5 #4175, and my mind is still blown off with this bass, it's so incredible how it plays and how it sounds.

I've got to say this: I currently own 13 Basses..... Tobias, Warwick, Ibanez, US Master, MTD, American Fender, Japanese Fender and many more brands, but it's incredible how none of them can get even close to my Sadowsky. My Sadowsky Bass now is for sure my main bass, and I'm totally sure that this is the first of them because very shortly I will be getting other Sadowskys.
For me Sadowsky Basses are simply THE BEST of the BASS WORLD, and wherever I go from now on I'll be carring my Sadowsky with me.

Thanks Roger, Kevin, Paige and the entire gang at Sadowsky for such a great instrument, customer service and everything you guys did for me.

Douglas Giorgiani


  1. Douglas, I couldn´t describe the Sadowsky experience better. Welcome to the club!

    Dave Chow

  2. I have been playing Metros for the past 5 years as my main basses and they continue to be the basses I go to for both gigging and practicing. I have found nothing that compares at any price. I have owned at least 50 basses over the years including Fender, Lakland, MusicMan, to name a few. But the Metros are simply the best sonically and in built quality, especally at gang at Sadowsky Guitars are second to none in customer service.

    Lee W,