Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Metro Customer

A nice letter from Jimmy in the UK:

Dear Roger and the Sadowsky team.

I recently purchased a metro UV70MB4. And i Can not tell you how happy i am, this guitar is really some thing special. I tried a lot of other basses but nothing compares to your guitars at all, the build, finish and set up, really are second to none. And i can not be live how well the neck plays and how flat it is, truly amazing.

When i thought of considering to buy one, i first thought that it was a lot of money and i was a bit apprehensive but the second i played it i fell in love with it, and knew i would never return or sell it ever. And after playing loads of high priced fenders i think that you get a high quality instrument for a very fair price. The only other bass i want now is a Sadowsky P- bass

I now only play Sadowsky instrument and i will only recommend Sadowsky basses.
Thank you for making the Bass i have only ever dreamt of playing and owning.

Jimmy (UK)

1 comment:

  1. Jimmy,

    I experienced exactly the sam with my Metro MV4!