Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been a Japanophile and sushi lover for over 35 years. One of my favorite things is to have Omakase at a Japanese restaurant. The word omakase means "to entrust".
It means to trust the chef to serve you what he thinks is freshest and best at the given moment.

I had dinner last night at a wonderful little restaurant in NYC that is omakase only. The sign on the door says "No Spicy Tuna, No California Roll, TRUST ME". It made me think about what we do here at Sadowsky Guitars and I like to think we do something similar.

Everything we do is about trust. Trust us to use the best materials and workmanship. Trust us to take good care of you. Trust us to be honest and operate at the highest level of integrity. And remember, no California Rolls!!!

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