Saturday, October 9, 2010


If I were asked "What was the special moment when you felt you had achieved all you had aspired to in your profession", the following photo would be it:

This photo was taken at Madison Square Garden in 1987 or 1988. At the end of the Graceland tour, Paul did a benefit concert for his Children's Health Fund. There were many guest artists and the show ended with Bruce Springsteen. Here they are, both playing Sadowsky guitars. The entire Graceland project was special for me. I remember being at Paul's apartment in the early 80's to appraise some guitars for him and he had me listen to some basic rhythm tracks from South Africa that he was composing to. By the time of Paul Simon's 1991 Concert in Central Park, I had 8 instruments on stage between Paul, Ray Phirri, John Selowane and Armand Sabal-Lecco.

You never know where things are going to take you in life. I remember having my first sushi meal at Lenge Japanese restaurant on 68th and Columbus in 1979. Paul and his brother came in and sat at the next table. I did not intrude, but I do remember thinking to myself that "one day I will be working on his guitars". Two years later I was summoned by Phil Ramone to the Palladium theater on 14th Street where Simon and Garfunkel were rehearsing for their reunion Concert in Central Park. I ended up taking a couple of Paul's guitars to my shop for some work and thus began a long relationship.

I have always considered it an honor and a privilege to work for Paul and he has always been one of my favorite musicians.

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  1. i'm proud to be the current owner of the 'white' guitar on the left!!