Sunday, December 19, 2010

Go Ahead, Make My Day!


        Just wanted to pass along some positive info. I am an audio engineer and guitar/bass/string instrument technician. I recently concluded a three year touring run with an act that carried, among the 18 instruments that were on stage every night, a Sadowsky bass. As the FOH engineer and instrument tech I must say that the Sadowsky (5-string, #4 of 12, purchased at NAMM a few years back) was as good an instrument as I have ever seen in my 30 year career and I live in a world of the best of the best. Great bass of superior craftsmanship, extremely stable, a joy to maintain, tough as nails, and even more fun to mix out front.
        Most people don't realize what it means to spend three weeks in the damp Northeast in August then 24 hours later your in Montana for a 10 day run outdoors with an average temperature of 102 degrees, constant 25 MPH winds, relative humidity a whopping 8%. 
       Hat's off and Kudos all 'round from a seasoned (old) veteran (been through the fire) who truly appreciates a great guitar! 
Greg Keatley
Audio Specialist
Guitar/Sting Instrument Technician

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