Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook and Twitter

Resistance is Futile!!!

I know this is a very obtuse pun, but this is former tennis star Bjorg Borg.

After resisting as long as I could, we have finally become part of the Borg called Facebook and Twitter.  I had felt that between my accessibility, our website, our web forum and this blog, that we did not need any additional "social networking", but "resistance is futile".  We have set up our Facebook page for Sadowsky Guitars Ltd as a business page.   I enjoy the sense of community it brings to all of our clients and future clients and welcome you to participate.  If you are searching for "Roger Sadowsky" because I got you pregnant 40 years ago, or did something else to either insult you or endear you to me, you have many other ways to find me :-).

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