Friday, July 30, 2010

Letter From Greg Lake

photo courtesy of Lee Millward

From Blogger Pictures

Just received this email from Greg Lake following the Emerson Lake and Palmer reunion at the High Voltage Festival in London:

Dear Roger,

I have now played my new Shoreline Gold Sadowsky Jazz bass to an audience of 18,000 people at the High Voltage Festival here in London to a truly heart warming response and can only tell you, that this guitar surpassed even my own expectations.  The tone was rich and fulfilling throughout the entire spectrum and I have to say that it was a sheer joy to play. Anyone in search of the best need look no further, Sadowsky is definitely the bass guitar of the future.



  1. Awesome! Better late than never.

  2. Lookong at that picture of Greg holding the Bass Guitar you guys made especially for him really makes me feel all "warm and toasty" inside. Hope I get to hear him play it someday soon!

  3. I was lucky enough to meet and have Roger craft a guitar for me in 1987...His work is true perfection...I thank Larry DiMarzio for sending me to him...A true master...