Saturday, August 7, 2010

From the Archives! Peter O'Toole

From Sadowsky Guitars

This photo dates back to the early 80's. One of my early Sadowsky Guitar owners, Stu Ziff, was hired to be in a "band", as part of this film that featured Peter O'Toole. On a break from shooting, Peter O'Toole pickup up Stu's guitar and started noodling around on it. He is making an acceptable G chord!.

This guitar is one of my first 20. They had the logo "Dr Frets", which I used for a year until I switched to Sadowsky Guitars. This batch of guitars was chambered. They were so light, I had to put lead fishing weights in the control cavity to get them to balance properly. I stopped making chambered guitars in 1983 but returned to chambering again in 2004.

Stu Ziff is currently living in LA. He teaches at MI (The Musicians Institute) and plays in the band WAR.

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