Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

I live for these letters!!

I'm a Bass player from the U.K and have just received my new metroline Sadowsky UV70 4 string jazz bass. I feel in great need to express my opinion of this bass to you-it is quite simply amazing! I have been looking at your basses for the last 3 years but could never really justify the price, however I decided to take the plunge and purchase one from one of your dealers, Guitar Guitar in Newcastle (whom I also wish to thank for their outstanding customer service).

I have been playing top end Fender jazzes and P's for the last 10 years and was always happy with them, until I received my bass today and realised I had wasted all that time-my other basses simply do not compare to the incredible sound and exquisite quality and finish of the Sadowsky. I will certainly be spreading the word of the 'Sadowsky bass' around the U.K and cannot wait to start gigging the bass very soon.

I guess the only thing now is which one I will want next; I think that a few of my old basses will have to go to make room for more of your amazing basses!

Thanks to you and all your team for creating my dream bass!

Leighton Allen

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