Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kind Words From OZ

I wanted to share this very sweet email. I am always humbled by how small our world has become since Al Gore invented the internet!

Hi Roger, was at church today and our pastor stopped to pray for friends and family involved in the 911 tragedy. Her husband is American and unfortunately had friends that were caught up in the disaster. I always remember 911 as my Birthday is the day before, but I am also reminded of the event and close proximity of people like yourself Roger every time I play my bass.

From my wife Sue and our 4 children, Amber, William, Marcus and James we sincerely offer our thoughts and prayers for all Americans and hope that even though the memories will never be erased as each day and year passes healing occurs in all your respective lives.

Cheers Roger - your gift and talent for making your basses never ceases to amaze me.

Kind regards

Paul Leeming and family - Western Australia.

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